Click here and discover how our SMU faculty can inspire you

Click here and discover how our SMU faculty can inspire you.

Our unique interactive pedagogy makes for an exciting, action-learning environment. Issues are debated intensively; arguments are heard and ideas are exchanged. What better way to learn from a skilled facilitator who is an expert in bringing lessons to life. SMU invests heavily in recruiting highly qualified professors, both from the academia and industry, and from around the world to share their knowledge, perspectives and experiences with our students.


Our students benefit from learning from the great minds of our more than 320 dedicated faculty members from 30 countries. Our professors guide and engage their students in lively dialogues and discussions that stimulate their thinking and get them to challenge the status-quo. 


Besides recruiting some of the best academics, we also engage successful industry practitioners for their specific expertise and skills to combine academic vigour with their hands-on business knowledge. For example, experienced audit and tax partners from the accounting industry actively participate in Accountancy courses as adjunct professors or seminar speakers. At the School of Law, judges and practitioners from the law firms lend their legal expertise as Associates. Such exposure to industry professionals provide our students with the knowledge and understanding of current real-world developments and situations.


At SMU, our students get more than a teaching professor. They get a mentor and a friend. For details on our faculty, please click here to see our faculty directory.


Nobel Laureate Thomas J. Sargent appointed Distinguished Professor of Economics at SMU - The Straits Times, 28 May 2014


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