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Information on admissions requirements, how to apply and submission of supporting documents

Admissions Requirements

The admissions requirements listed below apply to applicants with the Singapore-Cambridge GCE A-Level qualifications. For applicants with A-Level qualifications from UK (Cambridge, Edexel, AQA, ) and other countries (Brunei, Sri Lanka, for example), please refer to Admissions Requirements for applicants with International Qualifications.

Applicants With H1/H2 Level Subjects (current A-Level syllabus)

  • Good passes in at least 3 H2 content-based subjects, 1 H1 content-based subject, Project Work (PW) and General Paper (GP)/Knowledge & Inquiry (KI). Other acceptable subject combinations include : 4 H2 content-based subjects, PW and GP; or 3 H2 content-based subjects, PW and KI. For the H2 and H1 content-based subjects, at least one content-based subject must be from a contrasting discipline. Click here for information on the Indicative Grade Profile
  • Interview for shortlisted applicants. Law shortlisted applicants must also take a writing test

Applicants With A/AO Level Subjects (old A-Level syllabus)

  • Good passes in at least 3 GCE A-Level subjects and General Paper
  • Interview for shortlisted applicants. Law shortlisted applicants must also take  a writing test

Law Interviews/Writing Tests — Law interviews and writing tests for shortlisted applicants are conducted in the month of April. Click here for important information on this.

Business Management Interviews — Shortlisted applicants, including those who are not residing in Singapore, are required to attend face-to-face interviews at SMU campus. As such, under normal circumstances, the Lee Kong Chian School of Business (LKCSB) does not conduct telephone/Skype interviews.

GP / KI Requirements For Law Applicants

Law applicants must meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • GP / KI grade of A or B (H1 / H2 level syllabus)
  • GP of B3 or better (A / AO syllabus)

Mathematics Requirement

A good number of courses in the Accountancy and Economics programmes are of a highly quantitative nature. As such, applicants are expected to fulfil Maths requirements.

Accountancy programme : a good pass in H1 Level Maths / Additional Maths at GCE O-Level

Economics programme : a good pass in Maths at H2 Level / H1 Level /A-Level (old syllabus) / Additional Maths at GCE O-Level

Applicants who do not have this requirement can still apply for consideration if they have alternative Mathematics content background. The School of Accountancy and School of Economics make the final decision on admission.

Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Requirement

Unless exempted from Mother Tongue Language (MTL) requirement, you must meet one of the following MTL requirements:

  • 'S' grade or better in MTL or General Studies in Chinese at H1 Level or Mother Tongue Language and Literature at H2 Level
  • D7 grade or better in Higher MTL at O-Level
  • Pass in MTL Syllabus B at A-Level

Successful applicants who have not met the MTL requirement will be offered Conditional Admission and are required to satisfy this requirement before graduating from SMU.

Discretionary Admissions

Under the Discretionary Admissions (DA) framework, SMU will consider applicants who may not have met the cut-off academic grade but have other outstanding achievements and attributes that SMU values, and whom SMU assesses to have the ability to successfully complete an undergraduate degree. These attributes supplement and complement the core qualities (beyond academic abilities) that SMU looks for in all students admitted to the university: critical thinking abilities, communication skills, and attitude (e.g. motivation, perseverance, determination, curiosity). Up to 15% of places are set aside each year for applicants admitted under Discretionary Admissions.

SMU will look for evidence of outstanding achievements/attributes. Examples include but are not limited to the following:

  • Excellence and/or leadership in sports and/or arts;
  • Impactful leadership and/or participation in community service and volunteer programmes;
  • Significant awards and achievements in area/s relevant to the course applied for;
  • Noteworthy involvement in work (internship) relevant to the course applied for;
  • Noteworthy involvement in entrepreneurial activity;
  • Ability to overcome significant difficulties and life challenges.

Applicants who wish to be considered under the Discretionary Admissions scheme are to provide details in the Achievements section of the online application form for admission, and submit copies of supporting documents, where available, to attest to these achievements.

Retaking The A-Level Examinations

Applicants who think that they are unlikely to secure admission to SMU in 2019 are advised to consider retaking their A-Level examinations in 2019 as private candidates.  Registration for the examinations will be conducted in March 2019 by the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB). For more details, please visit their website at http://www.seab.gov.sg/ or contact the Ministry of Education Customer Service Hotline at 6872-2220.

How To Apply

We welcome applicants, regardless of nationality, to apply with the Singapore-Cambridge GCE A-Level qualifications (including those who have taken the examination as private candidates). Applicants with A-Level qualifications from UK (Cambridge, Edexel, AQA,etc.) and other countries (Brunei, Mauritius, Brunei, Sri Lanka, for example) should apply under "International/Other qualifications" application category.

SMU advocates for the rights of students with disabilities and special needs, and regards them as equal, integral and contributing members of the student body. Our online application for admission has a section asking applicants to indicate if they have any disabilities or special needs. Please complete this section if you have such disabilities or special needs. 

Academic Year 2019-20 application opening date : 16 October 2018
Academic Year 2019-20 application closing date : 19 March 2019, 11.59pm Singapore Standard Time
Please refer to the application links on the right side of this page (desktop view), or right below this page (mobile-phone view)

Submission of Supporting Documents

1) Online Uploading of Supporting Documents (Compulsory)

After applying online, please upload the following documents using the online upload function at Applicant’s Self Service. Academic results/transcripts/certificates must clearly show the applicant’s name, and the name and logo of the awarding institution.
  • NRIC for Singapore Citizens; NRIC and Passport Particulars Page for Permanent Residents; Passport Particulars Page and Singapore Student Pass for Non-citizens.
  • Singapore-Cambridge GCE O-Level results*, SPM results or equivalent.
  • Singapore-Cambridge GCE A-Level results*.
  • University results, if any.
  • School Testimonials/Extra Curricular Activity/Co-Curricular Activity/Special Achievements/Award Records, if any, that are relevant to what you have indicated on your online application form (Under CCAs and Achievements).
  • Medical report, if you have any disabilities or major illness.
  • Criminal offence records, if applicable.

*If you have in your online application for admission, given permission for SMU to retrieve your Singapore-Cambridge GCE O-Level and A-Level results from MOE, you do not need to upload copies of these results.

2) Paper/Hardcopy Submission of Supporting Documents (Optional)

If you wish to submit other documents on top of the online submission, you may mail the hardcopy documents to SMU. Before sending the documents to us, please access Applicant's Self-Service to print a copy of the Checklist Summary (Checklist Summary will be displayed on your computer screen when your online application has been submitted successfully) and place it on top of your supporting documents. Please do not submit original documents.

Mail your hardcopy documents to:

Office of Undergraduate Admissions & Financial Assistance (OUAFA)
Singapore Management University
Level 3, Administration Building
81 Victoria Street
Singapore 188065

Or drop them at the Drop box, located outside OUAFA (Monday to Friday : 8am-10pm; Saturday : 8am-5pm; closed on Sunday and public holidays)

3) Application Fee

An application fee of S$15 is payable. Please click here for the various payment methods.



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