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"Apply for as many freshmen camps as possible as it will go a long way in your SMU journey. Not only will you make a ton of friends who will stay by your side in SMU, you will also meet seniors who will share with you useful tips!"

Aaron Ashley Pillay

Year 4 Student, School of Accountancy

Majors: Accounting and Finance

Favourite class at SMU Financial Reporting Analysis (FRA) by Professor Tracey Zhang. Although the module was challenging, the professor was knowledgeable on the subject and she always pushed the students intellectually.
With SMU, I have travelled to Poland, Hong Kong, Cambodia.
A fun fact about SMU The seminar-style classroom lessons are really not as intimidating as you may think!
Student Life / Campus Activities A main highlight of my student life in SMU was definitely being elected as the 13th Accounting Society (ASoc) President.
Previous school Temasek Polytechnic

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