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"I have always been a quiet and introverted person, and I knew that university would be the last chance for me to become more vocal. SMU is known for producing graduates who are not afraid to voice their opinions, and I wanted to be more vocal."

Darien The

Year 3 Student, School of Law & School of Accountancy

Majors: Law and Accounting

Favourite class at SMU Contract Law 1. My professor often extends lessons beyond the usual timeslot and was very passionate in teaching us, which made lessons far more enriching.
With SMU, I have travelled to I participated in an overseas community project in Hue, Vietnam with Project Triveria 3.
A fun fact about SMU My favourite spot on campus is SMU labs. Occasionally I like to chill there and play table tennis or foosball.
Student Life / Campus Activities SMU Emerging Markets – Vice-President.
Previous school Hwa Chong Institution

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