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"My favourite spot on campus is Project Way, also affectionately known as “P-way” in SMU. It is a place where students head to before and after classes. This is a place where every SMU School of Information Systems student will have memories of – in fact, we even once held a potluck steamboat dinner here!"

Jaren Lim

Year 4 Student, School of Information Systems

Major: Information Systems

Favourite class at SMU Seminar in Information Systems Management, a course taken in Year 1. It provided a platform to discuss the interplay between business and technology.
With SMU, I have travelled to I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to travel to Philippines, Vietnam, China and Hong Kong.
A fun fact about SMU There are plenty of opportunities for student employment, from ad-hoc work to recurrent weekly jobs.
Student Life / Campus Activities Whitehat Society, where we pioneered two key competitions in the cybersecurity space.

I’ve also been a Teaching Assistant in 15 courses, where I led technical training sessions and conducted workshops on business proposal writing and public speaking.
Previous school St Andrew's Junior College

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