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“Across all the scholars in SMU, there’s an active community built – be it within your batch or with seniors. I managed to meet some of my most precious friends and juniors who are fellow scholars, thanks to the Lee Kong Chian Scholars’ Programme.”

Li Yuan

Lee Kong Chian Scholar

Year 3 Student, School of Economics & Lee Kong Chian School of Business

Major: Economics

How has your SMU scholarship benefitted you so far?

The scholarship has become another push for me to do better and do more. I’m extremely thankful to be “invested” in by the school, for them to have faith in me and believe that I have the potential to excel.

Other benefits of the scholarship (non-monetary):

The SMU Centre for Scholars’ Development (CSD) does so many things for us, it’s really amazing. We get festival/semester gatherings hosted by the staff for all scholars to just chat and unwind over food, promoting bonding within the scholars. Sometimes we also get CEO talk invitations in our email where we can sign-up to have a meal with these people (some of them alumni) to have a chat about their experiences. Other times it might be internship opportunities.

There are also sponsored overseas study trips and exchange programmes that we are encouraged to go for to broaden our perspectives. Then there are overseas community service projects (OCSPs) organized, with full-on support by CSD, of which I was a participant last year. Our team went over on a 10-day service trip to Maubin, Myanmar in collaboration with YMCA to interact and help the village kids with English lessons.

What’s the #1 thing you’ll miss most about SMU after graduation?

My friends, my professors, the school staff I know. I have gotten to know some really amazing people here. Many of the professors and staff here are very approachable and are truly extraordinary people who won’t hesitate to go the extra mile for you.

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