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"I was an introvert but after being in SMU my Myers-Briggs test now says that I’m an extrovert! So if you have something to say, just ignore that pounding heart, raise your hand and say it or else you’ll leave class regretting it."

Munaya Mahirah Md Tahar

Year 4 Student, School of Economics

Majors: Economics, Public Policy & Public Management

Favourite class at SMU Social Psychology!
With SMU, I have travelled to I went for an Overseas Community Service Project (OCSP) called Smile Manila 6. The project was about helping girls, aged 9-17, who were sexually and domestically abused.
A fun fact about SMU Our recess week breaks and winter/summer breaks are filled with student activities, both held locally and overseas by various clubs, and you don’t have to be a member of the club to join and have fun!
Student Life / Campus Activities SMU Caretalyst – as clichéd as it sounds, they are my home.
Previous school Raffles Institution

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