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“The world beyond school is not a set of case studies reused over the years. It’s dynamic, unexpected and faster than anything school allows you to experience. Don’t be afraid that the learning curve might be steep – everything you learn in school, from how to cope to how to solve problems quickly and effectively, is one less thing you have to learn on the job, where the stakes are far higher.”

Naomi Lim

Global Impact Scholar

Year 2 Student, School of Law

Major: Law

Favourite class at SMU

Law of Torts by Prof Low Kee Yang!

Favourite spot on campus

The “Hustle” table in SMU Labs! I’m there basically every day.

Student life / Campus activities

Joining SMU Judo has been the best decision I’ve ever made. I found a sport that has taught me so much more than just the techniques of tachiwaza (standing throws) and newaza (groundwork), and I found a family that supports each and every member in everything they do.

As a Japanese sport, the values of respect as well as discipline are interwoven into everything we learn and do. We bow before we fight, focus on mastering the details – which direction to pull, where to turn, which pivot point to use etc. Most importantly, we learn to always get up after being thrown down.

Previous school

River Valley High School

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