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“SMU has a very distinctive culture and sets the bar high for presentations and personal development, but you’ll emerge all the better for it. If you’re up for a challenge, why not?”

Teo Sze-Anne

SMU Merit Scholar

Year 2 Student, School of Social Sciences

Majors: Political Science and Sociology

How has your SMU scholarship benefitted you so far?

The scholarship is an extra source of motivation to work hard and keep my grades up. It’s a source of positive pressure that reminds me to have high expectations of myself and achieve my goals.

A highlight of my SMU experience so far would be:

I joined SMU Aikido despite having no prior experience in martial arts. However, it has become a haven for me because of the friends I have made and the club’s culture. I fell in love with Aikido because the people in the club helped me find that passion. Everyone is willing to both teach and learn, and the entire atmosphere is constructive, not judgemental.SMU Aikido spurs me to challenge myself with every session, yet provides the safe space, comfort, and support that I need to cope with school.

Career Goals?

I am currently considering a career in academia. SMU’s Finishing Touch programme helped me to clearly identify my strengths and weaknesses, and gave me further confidence that I was suitable for the aspiration I currently have.

Previous school
National Junior College

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