SUTD-SMU Dual Degree Programme in Technology and Management

SUTD and SMU created the Double Degree Programme (DDP) in anticipation of the changing needs of industry. Growth sectors in Singapore’s economy include financial technology, technology services, transportation systems, infocomm, bio-medical, automation and more.  Given the increasing demand for sustainable design in products as well as systems and services, DDP graduates will be equipped with a strong foundation in technology and design as well as be knowledgeable in business and management practices in order to move seamlessly between the worlds of business and technology and design.

We are inviting high-achieving students who have a strong interest in one of the following engineering pillars as well as in business management to apply for this programme:

    •    Engineering Product Development (EPD)
    •    Engineering Systems and Design (ESD)
    •    Information Systems Technology and Design (ISTD)


The DDP programme invites students with a strong interest in EPD, ESD and ISTD to apply as most ASD students pursue a Master of Architecture degree after their bachelor’s programme.  

The first intake of students commenced in May 2014.

Due to the demanding nature of this programme, the intake is limited to 45 students per cohort.

Duration of programme

The duration is 4.5 years spread over 12 terms. Each new cohort begins the programme in May of every year.


The total number of courses students take ranges from 49 to 52, depending on which pillar they enroll in.  The total number of courses students take is also subject to curriculum changes for each new intake for either university.

SMU and SUTD have mutually identified and recognised up to 14 courses that are offered by both institutions. DDP students only need to complete these 14 courses once to fulfill the curriculum credit requirements

DDP students will need to undertake an internship (either through SMU’s or SUTD’s career services offices or students may self-propose) as well as fulfill at least 80 hours of community service.

Students will be given opportunities to gain global exposure via an internship, community service or a business study mission.


Admissions requirements

Applicants are required to be academically strong, have a high capacity for multi-tasking, possess a passion for design, technology and management, and be willing to engage in an interactive pedagogy. Shortlisted applicants will be assessed holistically and will be invited for a joint interview. Please refer to SUTD website for more information.



All applications are centrally managed by SUTD. Please refer to SUTD website for the application details and closing date.

Yes, you must submit a separate online application for admission to SMU. Please click here for more details.

You can still apply before SUTD's application closing date. Applications are to be submitted to SUTD.

Yes. They can apply and places will be reserved for successful applicants who have accepted the offer.


Only shortlisted applicants will be interviewed by both SMU and SUTD in a joint interview.

The interviews will be conducted at SUTD campus.

 SUTD Admissions will contact shortlisted candidates.

Outcome of application and appeals

Scholarships and other financing issues

Qualified students who are Singapore Citizen / Singapore Permanent Resident will be eligible for scholarships (full or partial). Please contact SUTD for more details.

You can still enroll in this programme.  You will need to inform SUTD of your intention not to take up the scholarship.

You can still enroll in this programme.  However, you will not be allowed to hold more than one scholarship and will have to decide which scholarship to accept. Please inform SUTD of your final decision.

The annual tuition fees will be pegged to the prevailing fees charged by SUTD. Please refer to the SUTD website.

Transfer matters

The Dual Degree Programme scholarship is not transferable. We do not guarantee that applicants will be awarded a scholarship by SMU, as they are expected to compete with other SMU applicants for these scholarships.

Other matters

Dual Degree Programme students will attend classes at both SUTD and SMU.  They will be matriculated as full-time students at both universities.  Separate university student cards will be issued. 

Dual Degree Programme students will have full access to all student facilities and be able to participate in student life activities in both SUTD and SMU.

Dual Degree Programme students will receive separate degree scrolls each from SUTD and SMU.

Dual Degree Programme students will receive separate result transcripts from SUTD and SMU.

There are presently no plans to include Accountancy, Economics, Social Science and Information Systems as a second degree for this Dual Degree Programme. The Law degree in SMU can only be taken as a first degree, not as a second degree.

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