New & Innovative Curriculum

SMU’s holistic undergraduate programme is designed to help students develop into broadly educated individuals, with depth of knowledge in selected domains, and workplace capabilities required to thrive in the 21st century.

Through our undergraduate curriculum and student life experience, SMU is committed to nurturing graduates distinguish themselves with the SMU Graduate Identities:

1. Independence in mind (encompasses problem solving, entrepreneurial thinking and critical thinking) vs Dependability in deeds (includes collaboration and communication);
2. Thinking vs Action – able to delve deeply into issues across disciplines, and deliver meaningful impact locally and globally.


The SMU core curriculum is a menu of twelve carefully selected course units (CUs) to initiate undergraduates into their journey to become fully realised SMU graduates. It forms the root intellectual experience that every undergraduate will undergo at SMU, providing a broad-based education that develops students’ broad knowledge of the world, interdisciplinary and contextual perspectives, understanding of self and society, and capability in key 21st-century skills – contributing significantly to the making of an educated person in the 21st century.

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New Interdisciplinary Offerings

These are SMU's newest interdisciplinary offerings:

New SMU-Duke-NUS Medicine Pathway

SMU is pleased to collaborate with Duke-NUS Medical School to offer a new SMU-Duke-NUS Medicine Pathway. The aim is to encourage talented and committed students who have achieved academic distinction to gain a conditional early acceptance to the Duke-NUS Doctor of Medicine (MD) programme, while allowing them to pursue an undergraduate degree in SMU prior to the MD. This will allow undergraduate students the opportunity to pursue diverse academic interests/activities prior to entry into medical school, thus enabling them to bring different perspectives and apply their skills into the practice of medicine.

For more information about the SMU-Duke-NUS Medicine Pathway, click here.


Problems faced by organisations are increasingly more complex. To ensure organisations recruit capable new talents, there is a need for SMU to produce future- ready graduates who constantly seek out new knowledge and apply what they learnt effectively. SMU-X is an innovative learning approach where we combine academic with experiential learning – students are challenged to use their disciplinary knowledge to tackle real-world issues through inter-disciplinary approaches.

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