Why Choose The School Of Information Systems (SIS)?

Our undergraduate programme is shaped by industry and academic leaders who understand the forces of global change and the essential skills needed to leverage IT in business studies. The curriculum places great emphasis on developing students’ ability to move ideas from concept to execution. Our students are right in the middle of our nation’s initiatives –– to build a SMART nation, develop urban management and sustainability, analyse analytics for business, consumer & social insights, enhance ageing-in-place as well as improve cyber security and data privacy. SIS students have the bright ideas, business acumen and information system skills to improve the way people communicate, collaborate, coordinate and innovate –– and are highly valued in the workforce. 



Our Curriculum

Our comprehensive curriculum gives students a firm foundation for becoming competent, adaptable and innovative professionals. 


Key Player In A Smart Nation

SMU Information Systems (SIS) students are at the heart of our nation’s initiatives such as:

 SMART Nation

 Analytics for Business, Consumer and Social Insights

 Cyber Security and Data Privacy

  Urban Management and Sustainability


 Many national agencies and industry groups are closely connected to SIS (e.g. IDA and the ELITe Programme, Singapore Computer Society and the SCS Student Chapter)


 Highly Collaborative Learning Culture


Encounter A Bonding Experience Like No Other

 We have a strong culture of peer-to-peer learning

 SIS faculty, staff and seniors treat students like family –– readily helping and guiding them 

Global Exposure

SIS students have the option to experience international exposure through Technopreneurship Study Missions, Business Study Missions, internships, community service programmes, international exchange programmes and Business IT case competitions.




  Fast-Track Programmes


SIS students can pursue a Bachelor’s and Master’s programme concurrently: 

  SMU-Carnegie Mellon (Pittsburgh, USA) (under the National Infocomm Scholarship offered by IDA)

   SMU BSc (IS) & Master of IT in Business Programme

   SMU BSc (IS) & Master of Applied IS Programme


 Be Industry Ready

Capstone Projects And Internships

 100% of SIS students gain real-world experience by designing & implementing solutions for actual businesses through their capstone projects

 All of them do internships, an excellent opportunity to put into practice what they have learnt, explore career opportunities, stretch themselves beyond their limits and realise their full potential. Most do more than 2 internships in different industries


 Future Looking

Experience The Future Now

 Work on projects with our R&D Centres & Labs

 Be a part of our state-of-the-art collaborations (our industry partners include Accenture, A*STAR, Apple, Bloomberg, Citibank, BP and more)

 Participate in our enhanced RXU programme: Research Experience for Undergraduates

 Embark on Technopreneurship Study Missions and explore new ideas constantly

 Examine and practise the latest methods in which Infocomm is applied to change the way we live, learn, work and play

Transformative Experience

Be Transformed and Transform Others


 We transform our students into highly competent, versatile, respected and sought-after graduates

 Our graduates become key enablers of transformation –– leading change efforts in the industry and government organisations

 Diverse Career Path


  SIS graduates are employed across a wide spectrum of jobs across all industries

 Great opportunities are available for students to become technopreneurs


Graduate Employment Survey Results

94% of SIS graduates secured employment within six months of graduation.

Our graduates drew a mean and median gross monthly salary of S$3,530 and S$3,350 respectively. Those who graduated with Cum Laude or better enjoyed a higher mean gross salary of S$4,151.


Start-Up Culture

 Almost 50% of all SMU start-ups are founded or co-founded by SIS students. A growing number of SIS students are choosing to work for start-ups

 SIS offers a second major in Advanced Business Technology (Technopreneurship Track) and Technopreneurship Study Mission courses

 SIS students have training, guidance and support from SMU’s Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship



 Strong Employability

98% of SIS students take up a second major or double degree to gain a wider breadth of knowledge and employability in diverse industries such as banking, audit, telecommunications, logistics, marketing, etc.


 The Industry recognises SIS graduates as a special breed
   - They are reliable and get things done
   - They have breadth and depth of experience in working on complex projects
   -  They understand team dynamics and have the ability to adapt quickly in the workforce
   - They are able to move from concept to implementation within a tight deadline and practical constraints

 SIS graduate are employed in various companies & industries (e.g. Accenture, Apple, DFS, Facebook, Google, Citibank, UOB, Ernst & Young, LinkedIn, Hay Group, KPMG, Changi Airport Group, Jetstar, Alexandra Health, etc.)

 They are involved in a wide spectrum of roles (e.g. Business Analyst, Info Security Risk Specialist, IT Auditor, Digital Media Specialist, Project Consultant, IS Engineer, etc.)

 Every year we rank highly in the Graduate Employment Survey (GES) results
   - 94% of SMU SIS students secured employment within six months of graduation and those with Cum Laude and above enjoyed a high mean gross monthly salary of $3,834.

Source: Graduate Employment Survey (GES)  2015