Why Choose The School Of
Social Sciences (SOSS)?

Our broad-based undergraduate programme provides students with a holistic, integrated approach to the disciplines of Political Science, Psychology and Sociology. The curriculum consists of a combination of coursework as well as hands-on research, encouraging learning through open communication and an interactive environment. The study of the social sciences through various recognised tools and frameworks also ensures that our students are transformed into highly sought-after graduates across human resources, education, management and other analytical and social-intensive professions.  




The Bachelor of Social Science (BSocSc) programme delivers a broad-based undergraduate education centred on the disciplines of Political Science, Psychology and Sociology.


The integration of these disciplines gives you a holistic, multidisciplinary and all-rounded approach to the study of phenomena in the social sciences and develops the tools and frameworks applicable to careers in human resources, education, management and other analytical and social-intensive professions.


A combination of coursework and opportunities for hands-on research supervised by faculty members, this programme aspires to be an interactive, collegial environment that models and encourages open communication and life-long learning.




Politics, Law and Economics (PLE) Major


This newly designed programme aims to prepare future leaders and thinkers with a deep understanding of global political and economic transformations and the legal frameworks and contexts within which such changes take place. You will hone strategic and analytical thinking skills and seek innovative solutions to real world problems. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the programme, you will be well-equipped with the knowledge and skills to handle multifaceted jobs in your chosen field of public service, non-government organisations or industry. Possible jobs include careers in journalism, diplomatic service, foreign affairs, public service, consulting and research, amongst others.‎





of SOSS students do between two and six internships

for valuable real-world career insights. All SOSS students undergo at least one compulsory internship.


SOSS students intern across a range of industries including business, finance, consulting, media, marketing, hospitality, government, NGOs and international organisations.


Our interns don’t just learn – they value-add with innovative ideas and solutions that result in many being talent-spotted for full-time employment opportunities even before they graduate

 Strong Employability


Career Opportunities
Social science graduates are known to be articulate, confident, knowledgeable and versatile. They enjoy high rates of employment across a diverse range of careers, both in the private and public sectors.



Global Exposure

There’s a myriad of opportunities for SOSS students to broaden their horizons: spend a semester in a Swedish university; experience summer school at Cambridge University; work for an international NGO in New York; help build houses for the underprivileged in Cambodia. No matter what they choose to do, students will surely return home with new perspectives.




 Diverse Career Options


Employment possibilities for BSocSc graduates are almost limitless – spanning both the public and private sectors. Graduates can expect career opportunities in a wide variety of industries such as business, finance, consulting, media, marketing, hospitality, government, NGOs and international organisations. 



 Vibrant Student Life


Our students have many colourful stories to share about the exciting campus life: from representing Singapore in the Asian Games, to playing a role in organising the annual Red Cross Donation Drive, and even being a part of the contemporary dance team that dominated the Barcelona Dance Grand Prix. 



 Innovative Approach To Understanding Our World


Similar to Cambridge University’s HSPS (Human, Social and Political Science), the PPS (Psychology, Political Science, and Sociology) programme at SOSS allows students to explore and specialise in the three inter-related social science subjects that are critical for a better understanding of the problems challenging us today.

Interactive Learning

Classes in SOSS are not taught in the traditional lecture-and-tutorial format in big lecture theatres. In fact, they are taught in compact MBA-style seminar rooms that facilitate active discussions. Students are encouraged to speak up and present their arguments in a clear and convincing manner. Through this, they sharpen their critical thinking abilities, and communication and presentation skills which are crucial assets that will set them apart in the corporate world.



 Solving Real-World Problems


Several of the Social Science courses involve collaborations with external organisations such as the International Organisation for Migration in Bangkok and Jakarta, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Bangkok, the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Bangkok and the United Nations Development Programme in Singapore; where students get to strategise, formulate and develop solutions for projects that produce tangible benefits to actual clients. This seamless integration with neighbouring organisations around our city campus provides for an innovative and experiential learning experience that is not readily found elsewhere.

 Graduate Employment Survey Results

9 in 10
graduates were economically active within six months of graduation.  

The median basic monthly salary of an SOSS graduate was $3,100, on par with that drawn by business graduates.
SOSS graduates who obtained at least a Cum Laude earned a median basic monthly salary of $3,500, which was comparable to or exceeded social science honours graduates from other local universities.