Professor Mark Chong


Mark Chong

Professor Mark Chong

Professor Mark Chong

Man on a mission

With close to a decade of industry experience under his belt in both agency and in-house capacities, Professor Mark Chong is a veritable font of knowledge, and is on a mission to impart as much of it as he can to his students.

“Industry experience is very important because in management, context is very, very critical to decision making,” says Professor Chong. “Having been in the industry for nine years, I’ve had the opportunity to make decisions in many different contexts. So in the classroom, I’ve been able to tell my students how one would react to situations in different contexts and make theories relevant in these contexts.”

To further strengthen the link between knowledge and practice, Professor Chong leads business study missions to the United States and Canada.

“Business study missions are one of the truly distinctive features of an SMU education. [They] are great for students because they expose them to business opportunities as well as business knowledge in different geographical settings,” he explains. “For instance, during the business study missions I’ve led to New York, students get to be exposed to the possibilities that are present in the creative industries.”

Just as corporate communication requires one to tailor messages for specific target audiences, Professor Chong eschews a ‘one size fits all’ approach to teaching and instead employs a multitude of innovative methods, including case studies and discussions, live industry projects, guest talks and simulations in the studio. “What works in a particular classroom and what works in a particular course may not work for another course and in another class,” he says of his pedagogical approach—one which has garnered him awards such as the Most Promising Teacher Award.

And while Professor Chong is passionate about sharing his knowledge, the process of learning is never a one-sided affair. He never ceases to be inspired by his students’ commitment to learning, their curiosity about the world around them, and the maturity they exhibit under challenging circumstances.

“I love teaching because it gives me the opportunity to be inspired by my students, and to learn from them in return.”

Come experience Professor Chong’s teaching for yourself, and Discover a Different U.



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