Who do we look for?

SMU’s commitment to holistic admissions

At SMU we are committed to holistic admissions, where we look for students who have not only been successful academically but who also possess qualities that we value. Applicants are selected on the basis of their strong academic and co-curricular records as well as evidence of qualities such as positive attitude, intellectual curiosity, critical thinking and communication skills.

We seek to identify students who are different, who may be mavericks in their own ways, and who will inspire their peers and professors during their SMU years and beyond. We aim to put together a cohort of bright undergraduates with diverse interests and talents.

We would like every student to benefit from SMU’s educating of the whole person through our broad-based curriculum, coupled with depth in one or two areas of study, and complemented by an unparalleled co-curriculum involving global exposure, community service and internships.

Best Undergraduate University Admission in Singapore

Some things that we look out for:

Aptitude and Attitude
  • Do you push yourself out of your comfort zone and embrace new experiences in life?
  • Do you enjoy doing things that are different and meaningful?
  • What is your motivation in life? How would you challenge yourself to do well in your university life?
  • Are you a self-starter? How have you tried to create meaningful change to your community?
  • How have you contributed to your community to make it a better place?
Intellectual curiosity and promise
  • How committed and interested are you in expanding your intellectual boundaries?
  • What excites you intellectually?
  • Do you actively seek opportunities that expand your perspective in creating new knowledge?
  • How open are you to new ideas and people?
  • How often have you challenged your current set of knowledge paradigm?
Communication and interpersonal abilities
  • What kinds of conversations excite you?
  • Do you enjoy asking questions and listening to others actively?
  • Do you enjoy expressing your viewpoints while accepting different perspectives from others?
 Undergraduate Prospectus 2018/2019
Undergraduate Prospectus 2018/2019
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Undergraduate Programme Brochure
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