Left to right: A. Arun Kumar, Final Year, Double Degree in Business & Accountancy, LKCSP Scholar • Guo Xinyan, Management Associate, Singtel. Double Degree in Economics & Social Science, SMUSP Scholar

Making Change That Matters

We recognise our most outstanding and dynamic students through our highly coveted scholarship awards, donor organisations and philanthropists.

The mark of a distinguished scholar at SMU is someone who has stellar academic results, exudes outstanding leadership skills to navigate through difficulties and appreciate complexities, holds a laudable track record in co-curricular activities, pursues a broad range of intellectual interests, and exhibits a sense of civic duty through a passion for community service.

As our scholar, the future brims with extraordinary possibilities as you seek to contribute significantly to our community while pursuing your studies, and mature into a dynamic leader who will bring about a positive impact to your organisation and society at large after you graduate.

SMU’s Merit-based Scholarships

The SMU Global Impact Scholarship Programme is a premier flagship scholars’ award that is dedicated to nurture a new generation of leaders, committed to helping to solve complex global and local challenges, thus making an impact on society. The SMU Global Impact Scholarship is designed to help realise each scholar’s leadership potential, ignite the desire and hone the ability to make meaningful impact on society. The programme will provide a transformative learning experience that will nurture and hone the scholars’ capacity for critical, creative and innovative thinking, a global mindset, leadership, social responsibility and commitment to excellence. In short, the SMU Global Impact Scholarship seeks to develop action leaders with a global perspective for the public, private and people sectors. Up to 40 SMU Global Impact Scholarships are awarded each year.
The Lee Kong Chian Scholars’ Programme is one of our most prestigious scholarships offering high-calibre individuals the exciting opportunities to a holistic, intellectual and entrepreneurial development. LKCSP scholars can look forward to a full four-year tuition fee waiver for the duration of the double degree programme (DDP) enrolment (five years for the DDP in Law), a one-off notebook grant, sponsorship for an international exchange programme, an overseas study mission, and an international community service project.
The SMU Merit Scholarship Programme opens doors to an enriching and exciting learning opportunity that will broaden your horizons and groom you into an inspiring and impactful leader of the future.
Being SMU’s first full sports scholarship, the Yip Pin Xiu Scholarship is designed to honour excellence in sports and the values that SMU alumna, Yip Pin Xiu stands for. Besides Pin Xiu’s impeccable sports achievements, she has demonstrated hard work, dedication, resilience at the highest levels, humility and leadership, both in and out of the classroom. The scholarship also delivers on SMU’s promise of a holistic education and hopes to attract students with sports excellence at the international level. Pin Xiu is an inspiration to us all and thus the scholarship is named after her.
At the School of Information Systems (SIS), we take pride in training computing professionals to create value for business and society, through innovative IT solutioning. We welcome qualified applicants to apply for our new SIS Achievements / Aspirations Scholarships.
The SMU SOA Aspiration Scholarship award aims to nurture Bachelor of Accountancy (BAcc) students through a holistic education, realise their aspirations and hone their ability to create positive change and make meaningful impact on society at large.

Donors’ Scholarships

As a coordinated and integrated entity, ASEAN is thriving and will continue to experience growth and prosperity. At SMU, we will equip you with the necessary skills and perspectives – hard knowledge skills, soft people skills, ethics and social responsibility to capitalise on ASEAN’s blossoming opportunities. Your time at SMU will allow you to form firm friendships and budding networks with SMU students from 30 nations. Most of all, this scholarship will grant you the prestige and opportunities that will make you an invaluable asset in the global economy.
Develop your abilities to the full potential with the exclusive Bangkok Bank Scholarship. Awarded to one recipient each year, it is open to full-time undergraduates of Thai nationality.
Hong Kong business magnate, investor and philanthropist Mr Li Ka-shing, who is also the Chairman of CK Hutchison Holdings, sponsors up to two scholarships each year to outstanding full-time undergraduates from mainland China or Hong Kong. As an SMU Li Ka Shing scholar, besides benefiting from the scholarship’s attractive endowment, you will stand to gain from the opportunity to take up internships in Hong Kong and mainland China, gateways into the world’s fastest growing and largest market.
The LKY-STEP Award is established from donations received from Mr Lee Kuan Yew through the sale proceeds of autographed editions of Volume 2 of his Memoirs. The award will be offered to outstanding polytechnic graduates pursuing full-time undergraduate degree courses at NTU, NUS, SMU, SUTD and SIT, to encourage skill upgrading and lifelong learning.
The Science & Technology Undergraduate Scholarship is offered to outstanding freshmen from Asian countries (excluding Singapore). This scholarship is open to applicants intending to pursue the Bachelor of Science (Information Systems) programme at SMU.
Established in 2017, the Scholarship is intended to nurture the future generations of the legal profession, as well as to ensure no financially needy student is denied the opportunity to read law. Having engaged the recipients from the start of their legal education, it is hoped that they would have keen interests in bolstering the Donor’s strategic thrusts of promotion of excellence and confidence in the legal sector.
With the advancements of big data, analytics and other areas of info-communications coming to the forefront of businesses and society at large, this prestigious scholarship from the National Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) makes your dream of becoming a leading shaper of our shared future through info-communication technology a possibility. Awarded exclusively to School of Information Systems (SIS) undergraduates, this scholarship encompasses a dual degree programme where you will graduate with both a Bachelor of Science (Information Systems) degree from SMU and a Master’s degree in IT from Carnegie Mellon University within four-and-a-half years.
Established in 2014, this scholarship is made possible from the proceeds of an endowed donation from prominent Indonesian businessman and philanthropist Dato’ Sri Prof. DR. Tahir, founder of the Mayapada Group. One scholarship will be awarded each year to a full-time undergraduate of Indonesian nationality.
Tanoto Foundation is the philanthropic arm of renowned Indonesian entrepreneur, visionary and pioneer Sukanto Tanoto, and his family, and it funds the Tanoto Scholarship. One scholarship is awarded each year to full-time undergraduates of Indonesian or Chinese citizenship.
Established in 2018, the Scholarship is available to first year full-time undergraduates of Sri Lankan nationality at the Singapore Management University. The objective is to motivate the outstanding undergraduates to achieve academic excellence and to accord appropriate recognition to the recipients for their accomplishments.

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