Admissions and applications

For the Academic Year 2019-20, applications opened on 16 October 2018 and will close on 19 March 2019, 11.59pm Singapore Time.  

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At SMU, we are committed to holistic admissions, where we look for students who have not only been successful academically but who also possess qualities that we value.  Applicants are selected on the basis of their strong academic and co-curricular records as well as evidence of qualities such as critical thinking, communication skills and aptitude/positive attitude.

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Please email us at on your decision to cancel or withdraw your application. Kindly indicate your full name and application number in your email.

You will not be penalised. We will treat it as a fresh application each time you apply. You compete with a new pool of applicants in each admission exercise.


Applications must be submitted online. There are no hardcopy or downloadable application forms. Applications submitted from forms that are downloaded and printed from the website will not be accepted.

After applying online, please upload the relevant supporting documents (for example, NRIC/Passport details, academic results, school testimonials, CCA records, etc) using the online upload function at Applicant's Self Service. If you wish to submit other documents on top of the online submission, you may send the hardcopy documents to SMU either by mail or by hand via the Drop box:

By Mail:
Office of Undergraduate Admissions & Financial Assistance
Singapore Management University
Level 3, Administration Building
81 Victoria Street
Singapore 188065

By Hand:
The Drop box (8am-9pm daily) is located outside Office of Undergraduate Admissions & Financial Assistance

Please do not submit original transcripts/ certificates.

For the purpose of admission to SMU's undergraduate degree programmes, diplomas awarded by foreign or private institutions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Yes, you may still apply under the 'International/Other qualifications' category.

You may select up to 5 degree programmes, in order of preference.

We will consider an applicant's choices in the order of his/her preference. If you are not successful in your first choice, you will still be considered for your other choices in competition with other eligible applicants and subject to the number of places available. For those interested in law, you must indicate law as your first choice in your application.

Interviews play an important role in the admissions process and as such, it is in your interest to attend the interview as scheduled. There is a very tight schedule for these interviews. Law interviews for shortlisted candidates are conducted in end Mar/April. Click here for more information on law interviews and writing tests.

Only shortlisted applicants will be interviewed.

Yes, you may. However, as the number of places for undergraduate degrees is very limited, priority for admission will be given to those without a first degree. You may wish to consider pursuing postgraduate degree programmes.

Currently, full-time National Servicemen or regulars in the SAF or Singapore Police Force are allowed deferment of studies due to military obligations. If your application for admission is successful and you wish to request for deferment for another reason, please email us at for consideration.

SMU recognises the value of a diverse student body and we take into account the broad range of contributions that applicants can bring to the student community in our selection of our students.

Under the Discretionary Admissions (DA) framework, SMU will consider applicants who may not have met the cut-off academic grade but have other outstanding achievements and attributes that SMU values, and whom SMU assesses to have the ability to successfully complete an undergraduate degree. These attributes supplement and complement the core qualities (beyond academic abilities) that SMU looks for in all students admitted to the university: critical thinking abilities, communication skills, and attitude (e.g. motivation, perseverance, determination, curiosity). Up to 15% of places are set aside each year for applicants admitted under Discretionary Admissions.

SMU will look for evidence of outstanding achievements/attributes. Examples include but are not limited to the following:

  • Excellence and/or leadership in sports and/or arts;
  • Impactful leadership and/or participation in community service and volunteer programmes;
  • Significant awards and achievements in area/s relevant to the course applied for;
  • Noteworthy involvement in work (internship) relevant to the course applied for;
  • Noteworthy involvement in entrepreneurial activity;
  • Ability to overcome significant difficulties and life challenges

Applicants who wish to be considered under the Discretionary Admissions scheme are to provide details in the Achievements section of the online application form for admission, and submit copies of supporting documents, where available, to attest to these achievements.

You can check the status of your application online at Applicant's Self Service. You must have a User ID and Password that are both available at the time of making an online application for admission.

You may retrieve your User ID and Password by logging on Applicant's Self Service and double-click Forgot User ID and Password on the left hand column.

You can check if your application fee payment and supporting documents have been received by logon at Applicant's Self Service.

You can update your personal particulars (mailing address, telephone contact, mobile contact and email address) by logon to Applicant's Self Service. For other matters, please email to for assistance.

Only shortlisted applicants will be called up for interviews.

Please click here for more information on the important dates relating to admissions.

Singapore-Cambridge GCE A-Level Applicants

SMU will consider your grades for three H2 content-based subjects and General Paper (GP) / Knowledge and Inquiry (KI) taken at the same sitting of the A-level examination. The H1 content-based subject and H1 Project Work (PW) subject can be of a different sitting.

If you wish to retake your A-Level exams, you will need to take all H2 content-based subjects and GP/KI again in one sitting.

As for the H1 content-based subject and  H1 PW, you can choose not to retake and use the grades attained at the earlier sitting of the A-level examination.

However, if you decide to retake one or all of the H1 content-based subjects and H1 PW subject, the best H1 content-based subject and H1 PW grade will be taken into consideration.


If you did not pass your GP, you can still apply. We will take into consideration your performance in the other A-Level subjects on a competitive and selective basis.

Yes. You can apply for admission with results taken under the old syllabus.

If you meet the other admissions requirements, you will be offered Conditional Admission into SMU. You must fulfill the Mother Tongue requirements before graduating from SMU.

Polytechnic Diploma Applicants

You do not need to have a Certificate of Merit to apply for admission. You are welcome to apply as long as you satisfy the basic entry requirements.

Both groups will not be disadvantaged. Final year students are required to submit their final semester results immediately when available.

For the purpose of admission, SMU will consider acceptable polytechnic diplomas (except Advanced Diplomas/Specialist Diplomas/Certificate Courses) from the 5 Polytechnic institutions in Singapore (Nanyang Polytechnic, Ngee Ann Polyechnic, Singapore Polytechnic, Republic Polytechnic and Temasek Polytechnic). Such diplomas are typically done on a full-time basis over three years.

Yes, you can apply for admission, even if you do not have any GCE O-Level qualifications.

Returning National Service Men (NSMen)

Yes, you should apply for admission. If your application is successful and you intend to accept SMU offer, a place will be reserved for you until you have completed your National Service.

Yes, there is an early intake for NSmen that is held during the Special Term that commences in April. NSmen who have reserved their places in SMU are eligible to enroll in this Special Term provided that they have matriculated prior to the start of the Special Term.

This depends on the number of modules taken per semester. There is no guarantee that you can graduate early. 

NSmen are reserved a place for the period of their national service stint. Offers that are not accepted upon completion of national service will be deemed to have lapsed.

You may check if you have accepted the SMU offer via the Applicant's Self Service platform. We will not send any confirmation letter or email.

No further action is required from you until the completion of your NS. SMU will contact you (via email/letter) in your year of admission on matriculation/enrolment procedures.

Please kindly email to with the following details :

(i)                 Your full name

(ii)                Application No.

(iii)               Programme you intend to change to  

(iv)               Reasons for change of programme (a write-up is preferred ; 1000-word limit)

We will inform you on the outcome of your appeal. Please check the status of your appeal online via Applicant’s Self Service. If your appeal for course change is not successful, you will still keep your place in the degree programme that you have previously accepted. 

Please provide the documentary evidence from your unit that you are able to disrupt your NS. You may submit your supporting documents via email to

IB Diploma Applicants

Yes, you may apply by submitting your IB predicted scores, as attested by your school. Self-declared predicted scores will not be accepted.  The predicted scores must reach SMU by 31 March 2019 for prospective students applying in the Academic Year 2019-20. Please apply for admission and submit the predicted scores early.


SAT/ACT/IELTS/TOEFL is not compulsory for IB applicants.

Applicants with International Qualifications

If your final results are not available at the time of application, you must still submit an application for admissions by 19 March 2019. Please submit your predicted high school results, as attested by your school teacher/counsellor. The predicted results must be submitted by 31 March 2019. You must send in your actual high school results immediately when available.

We do not have any subject pre-requisites, except for applicants to the Bachelor of Science (Economics) programme, where a good pass in A-Level Mathematics is required.

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