Admissions Requirements


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Applicants interested in law must indicate this programme as their first choice of degree programme on their online application forms.



For applicants with A-Level qualifications directly from UK (Cambridge, Edexel, etc) and other countries (Malaysia, Brunei, Maldives, Sri Lanka, for example), please refer to Admissions Requirements for Applicants with International Qualifications

For Applicants With H1/H2 Level Subjects

  • Good passes in at least 3 H2 content-based subjects, 1 H1 content-based subject, Project Work (PW) and General Paper (GP)/Knowledge & Inquiry (KI). Other acceptable subject combinations include : 4 H2 content-based subjects, PW and GP; or 3 H2 content-based subjects, PW and KI. Click here for information on the Indicative Grade Profile
  • Interview for shortlisted applicants. Law shortlisted applicants must also take  a writing test

For Applicants With A/AO Level Subjects

  • Good passes in at least 3 GCE A-Level subects and GP

  • Interview for shortlisted applicants. Law shortlisted applicants must also take  a writing test

    Law Interviews/Writing Tests  - Law interviews and writing tests for shortlisted applicants are conducted in the month of April. Click here for important information on this.

    Business Management Interviews - Shortlisted applicants, including those not residing in Singapore, are required to attend face-to-face interviews at SMU campus. As such, under normal circumstances, the Lee Kong Chian School of Business does not conduct telephone/Skype interviews. The LKCSB may at its discretion hold face-to-face interviews in selected overseas countries.

    GP / KI Requirements For Law Applicants

    Law applicants must meet at least one of the following requirements:

    • GP / KI grade of A or B (H1 / H2 level syllabus)

    • GP of B3 or better (A / AO syllabus)

    Mathematics Requirement

    A significant number of courses in the Accountancy and Economics programmes are of a highly quantitative nature. As such, applicants are expected to meet additional requirements in the form of a good pass in Mathematics at H2 Level/A-Level/H1 Level/Additional Mathematics at O-Level. Applicants who do not meet this requirement can still apply for consideration if they have alternative Mathematics content background. All in all, the School of Accountancy and School of Economics make the final decision on admission.

    Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Requirement

    Unless exempted from Mother Tongue Language (MTL) requirement, applicants must meet one of the following MTL requirements:

    • 'S' grade or better in MTL or General Studies in Chinese at H1 Level or Mother Tongue Language and Literature at H2 Level

    • D7 grade or better in Higher MTL at O-Level

    • Pass in MTL Syllabus B at A-Level

      Successful applicants who have not met the MTL requirement will be offered Conditional Admission and are required to satisfy this requirement before graduating from SMU.

      Retaking Your A-Level Examinations

      Applicants who think that they are unlikely to secure admission to SMU in 2016 are advised to consider retaking their A-Level examinations in 2016 as private candidates.  Registration for the examinations will be conducted in March 2016 by the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB). For more details, please visit their website at or contact the Ministry of Education Customer Service Hotline at 6872-2220.