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    “I started my first business when I was 18. It wasn’t anything fancy, but I wanted to start making money through my own capabilities. I’m always looking out for the next business idea because it’s important never to be complacent. That’s why I decided to study business and econs in SMU, where I could learn practical skills that can be applied to real situations, instead of just theoretical things.”


    “My Nepal overseas community involvement trip in junior college was quite a life-changing experience. It really opened my eyes and made me feel thankful for our lives back in Singapore. I’m glad that SMU also offers many opportunities for overseas community service projects that I’d love to contribute to. At SMU, we can contribute to something beyond ourselves. As for my studies, my personal interest has always been Economics, but I’m also keen to explore how it is linked to other subjects. So the Politics, Law and Economics major is going to be perfect.”


    “Having studied in Hong Kong, Brazil and China the last few years has broadened my perspective. Global exposure makes one adaptable, inquisitive and tolerant. So I’m really excited about the overseas programmes SMU has to offer! I also believe that soft skills are really important for jobs of the future. For example, I have learnt from my internship at Capco, a management consulting company, that many of the back-end functions in finance are slowly being automated. But, the ability to empathise and connect with clients is something that machines cannot replace; and that’s what I believe SMU can help me develop – the human aspects of a job.”

  • SMU Access (New)

    100% of tuition fees covered for all Singaporean needy students! SMU Access guarantees a financial aid package equal to the full tuition fees for all eligible undergraduate students with effect from Academic Year 2017/2018. Click here to find out more.

  • QS Grad Employability Ranking

    In the most recent QS Global Employment Ranking, SMU outperformed other local universities in Partnership with Employers. We are ranked 1st in Singapore and 8th in Asia. SMU is also ranked amongst Top 30 universities globally in Employer-Student Connections as well as Graduate Employment Rate.

Nurturing You To Find Solutions In A Complex World

In this increasingly complex world, solutions will come from innovators who can connect the dot between seemingly different issues. That is why SMU constantly innovates our curriculum and programmes – to nurture undergraduates who will be future-ready for this world.

  • School of Information Systems (SIS) revamps curriculum and expands offering to prepare you for the digital age. The changes will produce industry-ready, innovation-enabled, solution architects. They will be trained to use emerging technologies to develop end-to-end solutions required by businesses and society. The new curriculum offers six tracks that will enhance your flexibility to create your own learning journey.
  • SIS offers a new Smart-City Management and Technology (SMT) major. This major is a unique interdisciplinary programme designed to train professionals to manage these multidisciplinary concerns, and to apply the enabling technologies. This timely programme equips students to seize career opportunities arising from the global trend towards smart cities, and Singapore’s Smart Nation Initiative in particular. Students will acquire a sound foundation of the interdisciplinary knowledge that is required to address complex real-world problems. They will be able to innovate IT solutions to achieve intended business, social and environmental outcomes. Students will also have opportunities to participate in the development of cutting-edge smart city solutions.
  • Lee Kong Chian School of Business (LKCSB) offers four new tracks in Finance Analytics, Operations Analytics, Marketing Analytics, and Retail and Services Management.
  • School of Accountancy (SOA) offers a track in Data Analytics that focuses on technical aspects of data provisioning, data modelling and data management. It also covers practical applications of data analytics in financial reporting & analysis, accounting for decision making, audit and risk management.
  • Entrepreneurship major offered by LKCSB will enable you to identify, refine, incubate and grow your new business ideas through targeted electives, entrepreneurship study missions to places such as Silicon Valley and other entrepreneurial hives.
  • School of Social Sciences (SOSS) offers Politics, Law and Economics (PLE) major. It prepares you to be future-ready leader and thinker who appreciates global, political and economic transformations, and the legal frameworks and contexts within which such shifts take place. 

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Multidisciplinary And Flexible Curriculum

SMU’s hallmark flexible broad-based curriculum provides breadth that caters to varied interests; prepares you to go deeper into your course specialisations; and be market-ready.

  • More than 70% of our students graduate with either double degree or double majors. Our multidisciplinary curriculum is across disciplines in Accountancy, Business Management, Economics, Information Systems, Law and Social Sciences. Maximise your opportunity to explore and customise your curriculum with over 300 combinations of 43 majors and tracks in a single degree programme, and 15 double degree combinations across the six disciplines.
  • Complementing our collaborative, interdisciplinary and pragmatic approach to learning, SMU introduces a series of elective courses under our signature SMU-X. SMU partners with businesses, non-profits and government organisations through our innovative SMU-X programme to take you beyond classroom theory to solve real-world problems for our industry partners. This takes place through mentorship along with faculty, industry experts, and fellow students from across all disciplines. This unique collaborative approach has also allowed our industry partners to talent spot students for internships and job opportunities. We have now taken this one step further in our collaboration with The Ascott Limited on the new and exciting lyf @SMU as a flexible co-working social learning environment. You can look forward to different spaces and activities such as boot camps, hackathons, and community bonding.

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Career Preparation For Real-World Challenges

Every student is assigned a Career Coach upon matriculation to support them in their career planning through their journey at SMU. You will complete the Finishing Touch Programme and 10-week internship that are essential career experiences; these experiences will provide you with an edge in the competitive job market. We are proud of our graduates who have consistently been highly employable based on the 2016 graduate employment survey (GES) conducted by the Ministry of Education, Singapore.

  • SMU invests heavily in its linkages with industry partners, resulting in meaningful and active collaborations. Through this robust network, our students are immersed in real-world learning experiences which immensely enhance their employability.
  • Dato’ Kho Hui Meng Career Centre provides one-on-one career counselling, on-site recruitment fairs, and the SMU onTRAC II database which matches students to a wide network of employers.
  • Compulsory Finishing Touch Programme guides students through a series of workshops in resume writing, personal branding and networking, interviewing skills, social etiquette and grooming, job search strategies and research.
  • A minimum 10-week internship for all students allows them to apply what they have learned in class, acquire hands-on knowledge and skills at the workplace, develop self-confidence, help make informed career choices, and provide them with the competitive edge to secure a job before graduation. A staggering 50% of our students do 2 to 6 internships upon graduation.
  • With a combination of hard knowledge skills, soft people skills and “heart” skills valued highly by employers, our graduates have been enjoying high employment since 2003.
  • According to the latest Graduate Employment Survey 2016, 94% of our graduates gained employment within six months of graduation and with higher starting salaries. Compare with their peers from other local universities, SMU graduates also earned the most, with a mean gross monthly salary of $3,722.
  • In the most recent QS Global Employment Ranking, SMU outperformed other local universities in Partnership with Employers. We are ranked 8th in Asia. SMU is also ranked amongst Top 30 universities globally in Employer-Student Connections as well as Graduate Employment Rate.

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Global Exposure

Broaden your horizon and become a world citizen. All SMU students have the opportunity to participate in a global exposure programme. The possibilities are limitless. From 6-month student exchanges in the United States to study missions visiting industries in Scandinavia and helping orphans in South Africa, the world is literally your campus. You gain new perspectives and opportunities through networking while interacting with all kinds of people around the world. The experience you will gain through our global programmes will be priceless and will nudge you out of your comfort zone to realise your fullest potential.

  • SMU is recognised for encouraging the spirit of giving in Singapore with the President's Volunteerism & Philanthropy Awards (PVPA) 2016 in the Educational Institution category. SMU is the first recipient in this category which aims to recognise the significant influence that educational institutions have in shaping formative experiences of contribution.
  • Since 2000, our students have served more than 2.5 million hours (or 285 years!) of community service across 18 countries. They have assisted in advancing humanitarian causes, and are exposed to valuable social, political, and economic contexts that will shape them into socially responsible individual. Each student would have completed an average of 140 hours of community service by the time they graduate.
  • 403 local projects were completed in 2016. These include both projects done as a group or on an individual basis and projects initiated by our students or existing opportunities with non-profit and community organisations. In addition, students also organised 148 overseas community projects in 15 countries.
  • Beyond community service projects, students can choose to go for one-semester exchange programme at 231 university partners in 46 countries.
  • We have 3 short-term outbound programmes where you can go for overseas exchange during summer term in Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Turkey, Hong Kong, China, and Indonesia.
  • Our students also embark on overseas study missions to countries such as Argentina, Chile, China, Germany, India, Qatar, Russia, Spain, UAE, USA, Vietnam and Indonesia, to attend networking sessions and presentations by specialists and experts in various fields. This is where students connect theory and practice through their discussion and practical fieldwork experience.

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Vibrant Student Life

SMU has over 120 co-curricular activities (CCAs) to choose from and more to be setup from sports, arts and culture to societies and clubs.As a student in SMU, we encourage you to participate in CCAs for an active and balanced life, while encouraging the spirit of leadership for you to learn, serve and lead by example. It is amazing to see many alumni embody that spirit by coming back to serve, contribute to their CCAs and participate in student life.

  • Engaging the student community actively are SMU Business Society (BONDUE), SMU Accounting Society (ASOC), School of Information Systems Students’ Society (SISS), SMU Economics Society (OIKOS), SMU Social Sciences Society (SOSCIETY), and SMU Law Society (The Bar). These student bodies unify students from respective schools, while serving their welfare, social, academic and professional interests.
  • Bridging academic life with student interests, four non-school-based constituent bodies namely Arts and Cultural Fraternity (ACF), SMU Sports Union (SSU), SMUXTREMISTS (SMUX), Special Interest and Community Service Sodality (SICS) brings students together and cultivates values of passion, discipline and leadership.
  • Under the banner of community leadership, the Office of Student Life (OSL) works closely with student leadership groups like the SMU Student Association (SMUSA), the SMU Ambassadorial Corps (ASMU), and specially formed student committees to organise university-wide events such as Convocation, Freshmen Team-building Camp, Patron's Day, SMU Arts Festival and SMU Peace Day via SMU International Connections (ICON), just to name a few.
  • To enhance our community's experience, we have revamped our campus with more study corners, a new 3-storey gymnasium, a jogging track around campus, the School of Law building, and the Kwa Geok Choo Law Library. 

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Comprehensive Financial Aid and Scholarships

No deserving undergraduate student will be denied an SMU education because of financial difficulty. With over 400 scholarships, bursaries and financial aid, SMU has a comprehensive financial initiative to help needy students meet their tuition fees and living expenses. All students who meet the eligibility requirements will be offered financial aid to help fund their education at SMU. We also recognise our most outstanding and dynamic students through scholarships awarded by the University, donor organisations and philanthropists. Our scholarship recipients possess stellar academic results, exude outstanding leadership skills, hold a laudable track record in co-curricular activities and exhibit a passion for community service.

  • Use the online Student Financial Needs Calculator to determine if you are eligible, and to find out which financial aid and quantum do you qualify.
  • The Singapore Government highly subsidises your tuition fees in the form of a Tuition Grant (TG) administered by the Ministry of Education. For more information, click here.
  • There are many scholarships available to freshmen, namely Global Impact Scholarship Award (New), Lee Kong Chian Scholars’ Programme, SMU Merit Scholarship Programme (New), Yip Pin Xiu Scholarship (New) and more to choose from.
    • The prestigious Global Impact Scholarship Award offers you a transformative learning experience. Scholars will receive strong global exposure to some of the very best universities in the world and a specially designed robust Scholars' core curriculum. Coupled with multiple dual-degree options and an integrative, experiential and industry-partnered learning, scholars can look forward to working with peers from different disciplines to solve real-world problems for our industry partners through active mentorship. Scholars also enjoy an exclusive option to complete an SMU Bachelor-Master programme in as little as 4 years.
  • SMU Access guarantees a financial aid package equal to the full tuition fees for all eligible needy undergraduate students with effect from Academic Year 2017/2018. The recipient of the SMU Access Grant will be able to offset his/her tuition fees, after taking into account all scholarships, bursaries and other grants from all donors and the Singapore government.

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  • "My experience at SMU was deeply empowering. SMU taught me how to work things out on my own that led me to become a resourceful and confident person. In my new venture, I'm bringing the same pedagogy and belief to the young preschoolers in my childcare centre."

    Liaw-Tan Xinhui

    Founder and Managing Director, Little Koala Pte. Ltd.
    Bachelor in Business Management
  • "I found the multi-disciplinary approach and project-based curriculum at SMU attractive. The small classroom size was also appealing as it ensured that one is less able to hide in shadows and therefore, created a participative environment."

    Joshua Liaw

    Director, Client Coverage, Wholesale Banking, Standard Chartered Bank
    Bachelor of Science in Economics
  • "I chose SMU [because it] was a brand new university (I joined in 2002, two years after it was founded) and the community was small and tight knit. I was also drawn to its curriculum, which was based on Wharton – a combination of broad-based learning with an opportunity to specialise in a specific area.Career guidance helped me to better market myself on paper and in person."

    Kaushal Dugar

    Founder and CEO, Teabox Inc
    Bachelor in Business Management
  • "SMU has prepared me well for running my own company, Oompr! Pte Ltd.The SMU pedagogy is one that places heavy emphasis on real-world project works, which helped develop my leadership and management skills."

    Tay Wei Kiat

    Co-Founder/CTO, Oompr! Pte Ltd
    Bachelor of Science (Information Systems)
  • "The highlight of my SMU life was my exchange semester in Pusan, Korea, as well as my final semester that was spent with classmates from around the world. Life is a lot more colourful when you embrace opportunities and friendships beyond Singapore’s shores."

    Jolyn Chua

    Head of Marketing, Globalroam
    Bachelor of Science (Economics), Second major in Marketing
  • "I think SMU pushes you beyond your boundaries, it stretches your limits, and it teaches you that you can be more than what you think you are.It helps you grow as a person, it makes you confident, it also shows you that there is more to life than just studying and just the books."

    Dawn Phung

    Senior Consultant, Corporate Tax Services, Ernst & Young Solutions LLP
    Double Degree in Accountancy and Business Management
  • "SMU’s curriculum was extremely flexible and it allowed me to explore various subjects. It allowed me to experiment, understand what I liked and then excel in them."

    Harsh Saxena

    Senior Consultant, Carrots Consulting Pte Ltd
    Bachelor of Business Management
  • "SMU fully supports and encourages its students to develop international exposure. My one and a half years spent abroad encapsulate how SMU is about daring to believe and daring to achieve what you want, no matter how intimidating the path may seem at first."

    Goh Di Kun

    Associate Director (Group Projects & Consulting), Singapore Telecommunications
    Bachelor of Science (Economics)
  • "SMU is also very active in providing career opportunities for the students.The school maintains very good ties with the commercial sector, so I knew I would be in good hands and landed an internship with Allen & Gledhill LLP, which is a market leader in commercial law."

    Tay Yu Xi

    Practice Trainee, Allen & Gledhill LLP
    Double Degree in Law and Business Management
  • "I chose SMU’s Social Science programme for its hands-on approach to learning and because it allowed for a lot of interaction with professors.There are many opportunities for individualised attention."

    Peng Li

    Assistant Director, Ministry of Social and Family Development
    Bachelor of Social Science

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There’s always something amazing happening at SMU. Whether it’s on campus or around the world, our students, faculty, staff and alumni are out seizing the day.

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